Learn how to realize successful volunteering projects inside and outside the European Union! Organizer: Kasta Morrely is an association of human rights defense through promotion of competences and qualifications in all area of civil society. The mission of Kasta Morrely NGO is the community development by promoting the values of democracy and European civilization.

Project aim: Kasta Morrely NGO aims through the training “VOLUNTEERING versus UNEMPLOYMENT”: - to raise the participants awareness regarding the value and importance of volunteering inside and outside the European Union. - to train the participants in organizing future volunteering actions as specialized tools to develop and improve personal, social and professional competences among unemployed young people. - to train the participants in being able to realize future volunteering programs to facilitate the access of unemployed young people at the Youth in Action Program.

Training sessions within the project: (examples) - Volunteering inside and outside the European Union - How to realize a successful volunteering European project - Youth unemployment in represented countries and in Europe - Developing personal, social and professional skills among young people from the participating communities - How to evaluate and improve the civic and human resources of the participating organizations - Project dissemination methods 

Specialized Trainers and Experts will hold the lecturers: Participants will benefit at the training courses by practical and theoretical training under the instruction of Kasta Morrely trainers and experts who have each at least 7 European professional qualifications,among which we mention: - Quality Auditors, Evaluators of Professional Competences, Trainer of Trainers, Project Managers, Masters of Ceremonies,Event Organizers, Specialists in PR, Socio Educative Animators, Psychologists, Teachers etc. 


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