This project focuses on Human Rights Education and its contemporary challenges in youth work. The project will link HRE with issues such as migration, global economic crisis and sustainable development, reflecting how these phenomena are related to human rights and how can HRE contribute to education of young people about them. The aim of the training course is to increase participants’ skills and knowledge of human rights education and their positive attitudes towards human rights protection.

The project will provide space and structure for the development of participants’ competencies to act as trainers and facilitators of local, regional, national and international activities focusing on promotion of and education about human rights. The programme is designed to give the opportunity for experiential learning as well as exchanging ideas, thus facilitating mutual learning between participants themselves, allowing them to reflect on and compare different approaches to human rights, thus increasing the intercultural learning process.

The TC is based on non-formal educational methods, and will employ a range of tools and resources including Council of Europe’s COMPAS Manual on HRE and SALTO resources. 


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