Project “Active youth for active future” is a training course on campaigning for active youth and social inclusion in local community, especially in small rural areas in European countries where youth is not involved in local activism and decision making process enough, and social exclusion can be very strong.

Due to lack of interest from local authorities to solve the problems of youth, these problems are often pile up and the consequences for young people are very serious. Young people are responsible for initiatives and solving their problems. This training will provide young people with opportunities to learn about ways of organizing and running campaigns lifting activism and inclusion. These campaigns are primarily addressed to young people, but to local residents, organizations and institutions, too.

TC will be organized in Jakovo (Surcin) Belgrade, 20 km west from Belgrade and 15km south from airport. There will be 3 meals per day, and accomodation will be in 2, 3 and 4 bed rooms. Project Place: S Club – Jakovo

 Participating Countries: Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Fyrom, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Latvia

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