This is a Training course, it will be held in The Netherlands in Zevenaar. The number of program days will be 8, excluding travel days. The methodology used in a project is one of the most important ingredients to make a project successful. In non formal education, we (Rock solid Foundation) think that games, energizers, role plays, ice-breakers, team building activities, getting to know each other games are extremely important in keeping attention high and in transmitting concepts easily.

But it is really important to choose the appropriate activity for each topic and session of the program. So we (Rock solid Foundation) decided to prepare a training course “Tinker Bell” to introduce youth leaders and youth workers to different types of games. The whole training course will be carried out like a big bunch of games. We will play different types of games and after each game we will find out the methods, when it is good to use it, why to use it, who is the appropriate target group, etc. So not just the playing part. But why and how to pick the right game with the right complexity level and the right topics and objectives involved in the right moment.

Participating Countries: the netherlands, turkey, estonia, bulgaria, slovenia, malta, greece, latvia, italy, spain, hungary, romania


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