The theme of the training course is interfaith dialogue and its role in the process of building interculturalsocieties in Europe. In particular, the course will look at ways in which interfaith can promote dialogue between young people coming from different backgrounds (minorities, migrants etc).

The training’s main objective is to provide participants with necessary competencies in the context of interfaith dialogue as a concept bridging religious divides, as well as practical educational tools which can be used in work with young people coming from different cultural and religious backgrounds, fostering tolerance and dialogue between them. The course is based on a range of non-formal learning methods. The Asha Centre regularly holds local, national and international interfaith meetings for young people and adults. We will use the educational resources developed by the Centre.

Venue: ASHA Centre Flaxley, Gloucestershire

Participating Countries: United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Hungary


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