The project focuses on the future of multiculturalism. Young people increasingly face the challenges of multicultural societies. Youth workers therefore need to be better equipped to tackle multiculturalism issues in their work.

With the growing migration and continuous European integration, European societies experience the introduction of new cultures, increasing the effect of a melting pot. As a consequence, this project aims to look at multiculturalism from the perspective of minorities and their rights, and is directed at youth workers and volunteers working with minority communities on the daily basis. It aims at the enhancement of the knowledge of existing international mechanisms of minority rights, as well as development of individuals’ skills of how they can educate people about these rights through the use of both formal and non-formal methodology. Ultimately we aim at the development of positive attitudes towards not only work with minorities but also to exchanging ideas and examples of good practice on the European level, indirectly contributing to the promotion of multiculturalism.

Venue: ASHA Centre Flaxley, Gloucestershire

Participating Countries: United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Croatia, Sweden


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