This is a Training course, it will be held in The Netherlands in Zevenaar. The number of program days will be 8, excluding travel days. The methodology used in a project is one of the most important ingredients to make a project successful. In non formal education, we (Rock solid Foundation) think that games, energizers, role plays, ice-breakers, team building activities, getting to know each other games are extremely important in keeping attention high and in transmitting concepts easily.

Project “Active youth for active future” is a training course on campaigning for active youth and social inclusion in local community, especially in small rural areas in European countries where youth is not involved in local activism and decision making process enough, and social exclusion can be very strong.

Grenzenlos – intercultural exchanges is arranging a 6 day international training course about how to use mobility programmes for young people as a tool to support their employment chances as well as to check what is needed make mobility programmes accessible for young people.

This project focuses on Human Rights Education and its contemporary challenges in youth work. The project will link HRE with issues such as migration, global economic crisis and sustainable development, reflecting how these phenomena are related to human rights and how can HRE contribute to education of young people about them. The aim of the training course is to increase participants’ skills and knowledge of human rights education and their positive attitudes towards human rights protection.

Learn how to realize successful volunteering projects inside and outside the European Union! Organizer: Kasta Morrely is an association of human rights defense through promotion of competences and qualifications in all area of civil society. The mission of Kasta Morrely NGO is the community development by promoting the values of democracy and European civilization.

THEME AND OBJECTIVES: As you we are facing problem of passive participation which means that youth is really willing to take part in activities, exchanges and many other projects organized for them. During this project we would like to discuss with partner organisations the problem of passive participation, to find solutions and to develop with youth workers possible activity. On other hand we want to empower and develop leadership skills of youth workers.

“Volunteers, take a step forward” aims to acknowledge the role of volunteers in the Human Rights Education field and empower them with knowledge, skills and attitudes to serve better for civic society association.