in association with ASHA Centre

Τίτλος : «Creativity Tools for Youth Work - Stage(s) of Life»

Τόπος : Flaxley / Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Ημερομηνίες : 19 εώς 27 Οκτωβρίου 2017

Συμμετέχοντες : 4 άτομα 18 εώς 35 ετών

Καλύπτεται το 80% των εξόδων μετακίνησης εώς 360 ευρώ και το 100% διαμονής διατροφής.

Συμμετοχή : 40 € (εφόσον επιλεγείτε)

Δηλώσεις συμμετοχής εώς την ΠΑΡΑΣΚΕΥΗ 28 ΙΟΥΛΙΟΥ



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This training course will explore the use of music as a tool for individuals and communities to further
self-development, social cohesion and intercultural awareness. It will culminate in the creation of a ‘symphonic’
performance for the local community.

Themes of the course will be:
- Working with musical systems from different cultures, including Western, Indian, Iranian and Japanese;
- Exploring the building blocks of music: melody, harmony, and rhythm;
- Making music as a tool for personal and spiritual development;
- Music making as a group/community building activity: vocal and instrumental;
- Exploring the role of music in our lives and communities;
- The connection between nature and music;
- Working towards a performance.

This will be a chance for participants to both experience these tools and methods and be empowered to use them in
their home communities as well as personal and professional contexts. No previous musical experience required.
The course will use non-formal learning methods and will take place in the beautiful surroundings of the ASHA Centre
in the Forest of Dean, U.K. The ASHA Centre has an outstanding track record in delivering transformative education in
the fields of intercultural and interfaith understanding, sustainable development and the performing arts.

Participating countries: United Kingdom, Croatia, Greece, Estonia, Romania, Italy, Fyrom, Poland

Venue: ASHA Centre, Flaxley, Gloucestershire

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