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Τίτλος : «Theatre connecting the Balkan»

Τόπος : Brezice, Slovenia

Ημερομηνίες : 14 έως 23 Νοεμβρίου 2022

Συμμετέχοντες : 2 άτομα 18 – 35 ετών

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Youth extremism and radicalisation are complex and as yet undefined phenomena that affect the values and cohesion of the European Union. Each European region experiences them differently, of course with its own specific characteristics. In particular, the Balkan region is facing increasing challenges that call for action.
The spread of hate speech and disinformation online and in the media is also influencing young people's beliefs and pushing more and more non-violent young people towards extremism and potentially radical behaviour. We believe that reaching all identity groups that are vulnerable to various subversive influences that can lead to violence is extremely important.
Our idea is to reach out to these vulnerable groups through culture, art, empathy and networking, in our case through theatre, as a method of youth work, because it is :
• Adaptable to different contexts, themes and taboos...;
• It is democratic and inclusive. It is based on equality and fairness, not on discrimination and established hierarchies.
• It is interactive. Our methods give actors the opportunity to break down the wall between them and the audience, spreading meaningful messages and help to resolve conflicts.
• It allows actors to develop their core competences and their soft skills.
The aim of this project is to organise a training course in Slovenia involving 25 youth workers from 13 European countries, including the Western Balkan countries. The training course will introduce participants to new tools and methods of youth work, share their experiences, reflect on extremism, plan activities in their countries with the aim to reduce passivity and polarisation of young people, especially young people at risk of exclusion, marginalisation and subject to extremist behaviour.

We want to enhance the capacity of youth workers to support their target groups by:
• Developing new pedagogical competences in theatre, project management and animation techniques that enable them to offer activities and programs that better respond to the needs of individuals and address the needs of the disadvantaged.
• Giving them an opportunity to exchange good practices on inclusion and diversity.
• Giving them methods to empower their youngsters to actively participate in their own learning process.
• Developing their creativity.

The Team
The project team is an international, multidisciplinary team, who is really motivated to work on this project! The trainers’ team is composed of Jose Branco and Karina Falkenstein supported by Anja Mikič Crovella. The whole team, including the trainers are really open-minded people and have a lot of experience in international youth work on the topics of social theatre and circus pedagogy.

Participating countries: Latvia, Portugal, Italy, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Turkey, Serbia, Greece, Albania, Slovenia, North Macedonia.

Venue:  Mc-hostel Brežice

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