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Τίτλος : Youth Exchange «CitizenUp»

Τόπος : Ciampino, Italy

Ημερομηνίες : 5 εώς 12 Δεκεμβρίου 2019

Συμμετέχοντες : 4 άτομα 18 εώς 25 ετών και 1 άτομο (leader) 25 εώς 35 ετών

Καλύπτεται το 100% των εξόδων μετακίνησης εώς 275 ευρώ! και το 100% διαμονής διατροφής.

Συμμετοχή : 40 € (εφόσον επιλεγείτε)

Δηλώσεις συμμετοχής έως την ΠΑΡΑΣΚΕΥΗ 25 ΟΚΤΩΒΡΙΟΥ



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The project aims to promote the active participation of young people in society, proposing a path that will allow them to deepen their knowledge of Europe, enabling them to understand the opportunities offered by this offer and to acquire skills that will enable them to become promoters in turn of a process of bringing together young people and citizens in general to Europe. Also through the creation of a game that makes the understanding of European dynamics more immediate.


• Clarifying the opportunities offered by Europe and directing the exchange to the creation and growth of European community sentiment.

• Encourage young people to make greater use of EU opportunities both as participants but also as organizers.

• Once group leaders and young participants return home, they are expected to carry out activities and to promote actions based on what they have learned during the exchange with newly acquired participatory perspective and attitude.

• Stimulating young people’s interest in the democratic processes planned for next year; Spreading awareness about the importance of one's vote to contribute to the choices of the European community will allow young people to understand the value of their choices and to continue this path of active and responsible citizenship towards the next and future European elections.


• The follow up of the missions and actions of TC held in Denmark "ACT‐Active Citizens of Today" (November 2017) by presenting and testing the board game idea while increasing personal skills and knowledge.

• The contribution of the diffusion of a common European Union culture.

• The transmission of the importance of actively exercising your citizenship.

• Increase the knowledge of EU dynamics and its opportunities.

• Creating interest in young people to become actors of the process of bringing citizens and active citizenship within their own society.



Participating countries: Croatia, Greece, Italy, Denmark, Romania, Spain

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