in association with Global Hands

Τίτλος : Training Course “Intercultural and interreligious dialogue in globalized world”

Τόπος : Leicester, United Kingdom

Ημερομηνίες : 15 εώς 23 Μαΐου 2018

Συμμετέχοντες : 3 άτομα 18 – 35 ετών

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Συμμετοχή : 40 € (εφόσον επιλεγείτε)

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The aim of this project is to develop set of intercultural competences and use non-formal
education (NFE) to develop common tools and strategies that can be applied in order to change
the negative perception that young people have regarding the cultural and religious diversity and
to prevent radicalization.


• Develop participants cross-cultural communication skills and ability to engage in constructive
dialogue across difference
• Raising awareness on the role of media in encouraging stereotypes and prejudices – media and
Internet as a tool for hate and youth radicalization
• Encourage and support use of global education as a tool to raise the awareness of cultural and
religious differences, current political situation, movements and events
• Develop the ability to think more critically and complexly about issues relevant to engaging
with difference, especially those between Western world and predominantly Muslim societies
• Develop a long-term interest in cross-cultural communication and engagement with
differences, same as to encourage and support future cooperation withing the Erasmus+ frame

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, United Kingdom

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