Between 2 Margins – This is a training course intended for youth leaders of the Euro-mediterranean region aiming for the understanding and reflection about the news forms of social and political activism in this region for the XXI century.

Objectives: The learning objectives are the following:

. Identify globally the main trends and social issues in the Euro-mediterranean region . Reflect about the political and social processes in the Euro-mediterranean region . Gain a global understanding for the aims, methodologies and procedures of Youth in Action and EuroMed Youth Programmes . Create activities and tools in the field of social activism of in the Euro-mediterranean region

Methodologies: The methodologies are the following:

. Team building activities . Self-reflection activities . Excursions . Case study activities . Group work activities with a productive learning approach

Project Place: Quinta Valenciana

Participating Countries: Portugal, Spain, Jordan, Italy, Romania, Greece, Egypt, Palestine


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