Grenzenlos – intercultural exchanges will organize and arrange a 6 day international training course about how to include theatre methods to support European Identity and Inclusion especially in the context of the Youth in Action program.. We are going to discuss how to use theatre methods as a tool for personal development within EVS projects and youth exchanges as well as how to break down barriers and integrate marginalized target groups. Participants with physical disabilities are welcome to participate. The hostel will be barrierfree. Any kind of theatre experiences would be great but there are not necessary.

Aims and Objectives

The main aim of the training is to - create a place to exchange methods and experiences among organisations - gain different theatre methods - exchange the challenges among organizations working with marginalized targetgroups in order to overcome barriers - to support organizations in the development of inclusion projects - empower organisations to include marginalized groups within their project work - design interactive methods which promote personal development and create European Identity - get new inputs

Participating Countries: Romania, Belgium, Malta, Estonia, Turkey, Cyprus,Bulgaria, Hungary, Spain, United Kingdom, Greece, Austria


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