Our training course will look at the subject of upcycling, a process that converts trash into saleable items. The course will look at methods that organisations can get youth people actively involved in their youth centers and also in their community and have an impact on the environmental issues of our countries.

Through the activities foreseen in this training the participants will learn about upcycling and the differences between upcycling and recycling. We will look at methods to use upcycling for raising funds for organisations and also ways to use upcycling to create job opportunities for young people.

The training course will consist of trainers and young people so that we can get an even perspective of opinions and knowledge exchange. In addition to the upcycling aspect and the entrepreneurial theme we will also take into consideration the environment and see methods that we can keep young people involved and active in the field of environmental conservation. We will look at methods to keep youth informed about environmental issues and also to be active in their community.

Participating Countries: Cyprus, United Kingdom, Poland, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, France, Belgium, Hungary


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