The project ”Second step for nature! – international youth exchange on environment protection -”
is a 7 days youth exchange that aims to support the protection of the environment and
will take place in Targu-Jiu. The main idea is to get together 40 youngsters from 8 European countries
(France, Latvia, Denmark, Estonia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece and Romania) to examine the Romanian experience on the topic of eco-responsibility and the different methods that can be used for the protection of the environment.

The visits to the specialized organizations and the input from the experts and speakers are to give the participants the needed theoretical and practical information for the protection of the environment.

Also, the participants are expected to share information about the situation of environment protection in the participating countries, to discover common issues, to examine the impact of human activities on environment and to show that young generation is ready to have a significant impact in promoting eco-responsibility. At the end of the project the participants will be able to carry out by themselves activities to promote environment protection.

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