Our training course will look at the subject of upcycling, a process that converts trash into saleable items. The course will look at methods that organisations can get youth people actively involved in their youth centers and also in their community and have an impact on the environmental issues of our countries.

InterGenerations will be a Partnership Building Activity involving 24 youth workers. Through this project – and the ones that will stem out from this – we aim to reduce the generational gap all over Europe.

The PBA (Partnership Building Activity) will last 4 days and will be held in the Czech Republic in the rural area. Participants will be 18 youth workers and coordinators from 16 different countries. The participants have the common experience in regards to work with young people with fewer opportunities. The PBA idea is to offer an open space to share best practices and new ideas/methods/concepts of the participants in working with young people with fewer opportunities.

Grenzenlos – intercultural exchanges will organize and arrange a 6 day international training course about how to include theatre methods to support European Identity and Inclusion especially in the context of the Youth in Action program.. We are going to discuss how to use theatre methods as a tool for personal development within EVS projects and youth exchanges as well as how to break down barriers and integrate marginalized target groups. Participants with physical disabilities are welcome to participate. The hostel will be barrierfree. Any kind of theatre experiences would be great but there are not necessary.

The aim of this training course ¨Lead to Change¨ is to train participants and empower them with competencies in organizing, implementing, evaluating and planning an effective Youth Exchanges in the framework of Youth in Action Programme.