The idea of the project is to exchange cultural heritage regarding food and dance between the partner countries. Each country will present their food culture in the form of a meal one evening during the project. Yes you will cook for all of us. We will have workshops discussing the types of foods we make and the history or the cultural significance behind this food for each country. We will see how the food is prepared and perhaps even how it is eaten.

Since we will be eating so much we will also need to find a way to burn the calories we will consume, so what better way to burn the calories than to dance. Again we will look at dances from each country and learn to dance with each other. The project will be hosted on the Island of Cyprus where we in return will also show you our culture and heritage. Where possible we will arrange for some tours to see some places in Cyprus and hopefully we will manage to have a traditional Taverna dinner or lunch one day to enjoy the typical foods of Cyprus.





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