The main topic of the project is to reveal the values of orthodox religion using visual arts and drama.Main objectives are also to find out the role of orthodoxism in the daily life in different cultures and to face the dangerous aspects religion can have in youngsters education.We also proposed to make youngsters to get or discover new skills by nonformal education methods and to promote religious values and symbols using art and drama.

There will be used nonformal methods like workshops , games , debates and discussion , presentations in order to achieve the objectives.There will be organization presentations, religious aspects presentations and then in divided in groups the youngsters will work in two workshops : land art and drama trying to build ortodox symbols using materials from nature and to create short drama pieces based on intercultural conflicts.

Location : Sarata Monteoru – Buzau , Romania , Casa cu Tei Pension

Participating Countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Armenia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine – total 45 participants


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