“Seeds of cooperation” is a multilateral Youth Exchange – under the action 1.1 which will take place in Sicily, in Furnari town from the 17th to the 24th of November 2012. To this Youth Exchange will participate 36 youngs. The project’s aim of “Seeds of cooperation” is to give the opportunity to participants to talk, through non formal methods, about environment, active citizenship, urban/rural development, Millenium Development Goals.

The result of this Youth Exchange will be the production of usefull guidelines about the themes above mentioned which will be sent to policymakers, local and national stakeholders. Europe is our home, the place where we live and where we grow our children. We need to make it more clean and ecological, the best way in doing this is – to make it more green. It is the region with different weather conditions, ground surfer, that is why the nature and surrounding is totally different. The aim of the project is to share the view of different regions for the whole Europe. Bring all the most traditional flora – plants, flowers, sprouts, small trees, etc.. into one place to make one park of all regions – to make the park of Europe. It will be a connection not only of different surroundings, but also of cultures and intercultural interaction with a subsidiary – ecological – background.

Participating Countries: Italy, Lithuania, Greece, Poland, Romania, Turkey and Spain


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