Social media has become an integral part of our every day lives, it’s almost surprising the see the reaction of young people if they are somewhere without internet access. This project will take a deeper look at social media and see how young people can use it to find employment, advance their careers and for entrepreneurial activities.

Besides the advantages social media can offer there are also some dangers that could arrive from the usage of social media. We are already hearing of cases of cyber bullying and even discrimination. We will look at the different dangers and precautions young people should be aware of when using social media and ways that they can take advantage of the opportunities and advances social media have to offer.

The young will share their knowledge and experience with others and together we will create a new social media group that will help in the promotion of employment and entrepreneurialism of social media for our young today and future generations.

Participating Countries: Cyprus, United Kingdom, Poland, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, France, Belgium


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