ACTION is a multilateral youth exchange (action 1.1) whose main topics are environment, creativity and cinema. The promoters are going to use movies and documentaries to foster discussion about environment among participants.

They will organize 5 Cineforum to foster the discussion about young people’s ideas and opinions about environment in their countries. Participants will be divided in teams to participate in a “movie contest”: a non-formal game during which each group has to film, edit and produce a short-movie about one of 5 “green” themes chosen: heart, air, water, recycle and alternative energies.

Other activities will be thematic workshops, team works, guided visit to Bologna city, ice breaking games, role games and a final public event to show the short movies produced. The youth exchange will be completely self-managed by all the participants. The project will involve 30 young people from 5 different countries and it will be run from 8 to 18 of April 2013 (travel days included) in Savigno (Italy). Venue : The project will take place in the wonderful country house Casa la Lodola, municipality of Savigno, located in the Province of Bologna in the Italian region Emilia-Romagna, about 35 km southwest of Bologna city centre.

Participating Countries: Italy, Greece , Czech Republic, Latvia and Poland


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