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Τίτλος : Training Course «Entrepreneurship learning in an active network»

Τόπος : Bucharest, Romania

Ημερομηνίες : 21 έως 30 Ιανουαρίου 2020

Συμμετέχοντες : 4 άτομα 18 εώς 35 ετών

Καλύπτεται το 100% των εξόδων μετακίνησης εώς 180 ευρώ! και το 100% διαμονής διατροφής.

Συμμετοχή : 40 € (εφόσον επιλεγείτε)

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The project responds through its activities to the Europe 2020 strategy which is the EU's agenda for growth and jobs for the current decade. Europe 2020 strategy It emphasize smart, sustainable and inclusive growth as a way to overcome the structural weaknesses in Europe's economy, improve its competitiveness and productivity and underpin a sustainable social market economy.

According to the EU Youth Strategy one essential method  of   integrating  young  people  into   the labour market is to increase youth entrepreneurship. Youth entrepreneurship is an important factor for employment creation, increasing innovation and addressing social inequalities.

One of the project objectives is to prepare the youth workers as mentors for social youth entrepreneurs taking into consideration the trends from the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan in 3 areas for immediate intervention: entrepreneurial education and training to support growth and business creation; removing existing administrative barriers and supporting entrepreneurs in crucial phases of the business life cycle and reigniting the culture  of  entrepreneurship  in  Europe  and nurturing the new generation of entrepreneurs.

These  align  to  Erasmus+  priority:  to  fight  high levels of unemployment among young people. The European NGOs involved can guide youngsters to develop the skills and competencies to access the labour market and available funding resources.

By  empowering  youth  workers  and  equip  them with the proper tools, they can transfer the know- how and guide the young people to have an open attitude regarding the entrepreneurship ecosystem and as a possible option for their future.

- To develop the competencies of 24 youth workers and know-how on social entrepreneurship education through : A 8 day TC, 6 interviews of local youth social startups, 6 local workshops for  European youth workers and 6 workshops for young people with fewer opportunities, 1 toolkit “Entrepreneurship education”
- To raise awareness regarding the resources the youth workers and young people have in their local communities by creating before and during the TC 6 digital and printed maps in 6 languages with entrepreneurship hot spots from each country: NGOs, Universities, private projects where the youth workers and young people can develop their knowledge in social entrepreneurship and identify new learning and development opportunities to be promoted in multiplying workshops
- To create with 24 youth workers and 5 partners 1 digital workbook with the profile of Social Youth Entrepreneur and available resources from 6 countries to inform 120 young people through 6 local workshops what  is  the  process  they  have  to  do  to launch their social start-ups

Participating countries: Spain, Poland, Lithuania, Greece, Romania, FYROM

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