The project focuses on the future of multiculturalism. Young people increasingly face the challenges of multicultural societies. Youth workers therefore need to be better equipped to tackle multiculturalism issues in their work.

The theme of the training course is interfaith dialogue and its role in the process of building interculturalsocieties in Europe. In particular, the course will look at ways in which interfaith can promote dialogue between young people coming from different backgrounds (minorities, migrants etc).

The seminar “STRATEGIES FOR COOPERATION BETWEEN NON-FORMAL AND FORMAL EDUCATION” will realized in Fisciano and its main objective will be to provide an opportunity for comparison between ONG and organisations working in the field of non-formal and formal education.

“No boundaries, no exclusion – 3rd chapter” is the follow up to TCs organized in 2010 and 2011, supported by Youth in Action program. The project plans to involve NGOs from EU countries, EEA countries as well as Neighboring Countries and increase the number of initiatives under 3.1 Action and development of joint project proposals on intercultural dialogue and inclusion of socially excluded groups through creative methods such as sport and games. TC will be organized in Nis, Serbia from 2nd September 2012 till 9th September 2012.

The project is a Partnership Building Activity that aims to increase the cooperation within the Youth in Action Programme between 10 European Countries in the social field, working on the themes of social inclusion and the fight against poverty and marginalisation at European level.

Give Youth a Chance is a project where 20 young people from 6 EU countries will meet and learn about multiculturalism as one of the most important aspects of European Citizenship.

This training course addresses the place and role of Islam in contemporary Europe. Through a programme based on non-formal education methods, the TC will explore the place of religion, culture and identity in today’s Europe, foster reflection on the contemporary and historical factors that influence the portrayal of Islam in European societies and its place in public debate.

Grenzenlos – intercultural exchanges is arranging a 6 day international training course about how to support intergenerational learning especially in the context of the Youth in Action program.

Between 2 Margins – This is a training course intended for youth leaders of the Euro-mediterranean region aiming for the understanding and reflection about the news forms of social and political activism in this region for the XXI century.