“Seeds of cooperation” is a multilateral Youth Exchange – under the action 1.1 which will take place in Sicily, in Furnari town from the 17th to the 24th of November 2012. To this Youth Exchange will participate 36 youngs. The project’s aim of “Seeds of cooperation” is to give the opportunity to participants to talk, through non formal methods, about environment, active citizenship, urban/rural development, Millenium Development Goals.

The project “Terrae Maris”, will be realized in Salerno, and is a trilateral exchange which aims to promote and develop the meeting between young people coming from different countries of the EU, on the subject of local cultural heritage to enhance a common identity and a shared sense of belonging.

The main topic of the project is to reveal the values of orthodox religion using visual arts and drama.Main objectives are also to find out the role of orthodoxism in the daily life in different cultures and to face the dangerous aspects religion can have in youngsters education.We also proposed to make youngsters to get or discover new skills by nonformal education methods and to promote religious values and symbols using art and drama.

With our busy lifestyles we often have little free time to look after ourselves. Are there ways we can change this to include a healthier lifestyle to incorporate some exercise, a balanced diet and a healthier daily routine? What are the factors that inhibit our healthy lifestyle and how can we change them?

Μain topics of the exchange are: young people’s social inclusion, intercultural dialogue, art and creativity,theatre techniques.The general idea is to use theatrical basic techniques to help participants to relate better to the others. The others can be friends, relatives, colleagues, institutions, diversity. We’re going to build up a little “show”, and everybody will be part of it: actors, writers, scene designer, director, and so on. We’re going to work on the idea of theatre as perfect example of team work. During the whole project we’ll be supported by professional trainers.

The idea of the project is to exchange cultural heritage regarding food and dance between the partner countries. Each country will present their food culture in the form of a meal one evening during the project. Yes you will cook for all of us. We will have workshops discussing the types of foods we make and the history or the cultural significance behind this food for each country. We will see how the food is prepared and perhaps even how it is eaten.

The project ”Second step for nature! – international youth exchange on environment protection -”
is a 7 days youth exchange that aims to support the protection of the environment and
will take place in Targu-Jiu. The main idea is to get together 40 youngsters from 8 European countries
(France, Latvia, Denmark, Estonia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece and Romania) to examine the Romanian experience on the topic of eco-responsibility and the different methods that can be used for the protection of the environment.