Our Story

We were surprised when in early 2011 we saw the opportunities we have as young people, to travel to European or non European countries, either with friends or without, being students or not, either we have a direct relationship with the themes of the relevant programs or not, with very low costs and a subsidy from the European Union! So we decided to share and reinforce these actions of YiA (Youth in Action), creating the group and later the Non-Governmental Non-Profit organization Youthfully Yours GR.


The objectives of the group are to commune young people who live in Greece to the European community, and their interaction with youths of other countries. The mobilization and the action of young people through the issues they got involved in by going to such a program, but also the management and realization of ideas, and the willingness that whoever wants to deal with the improvement of our everyday life has.


  • The training of young people in terms of rights, and the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.
  • Strengthening and promotion of Volunteerism.
  • Training of Youths on the rights of the New Generation
  • Survival, enhancement, prosperity of our democratic society and the society of this knowledge to other countries.
  • Participation of Young People in defense of the public interest in all institutional sectors, family, local, national, European and international, namely the promotion of the collective consciousness and participatory action of the State Youth and the world.
  • The defense of individuals of vulnerable social groups, addressing their problems and preventing their social exclusion.
  • The contribution of young people to culture and the promotion of our cultural heritage.
  • Strengthening the European awakening of Youth and their mobility within Europe and worldwide.
  • Participation and thus empowerment of young people to intercultural dialogue and entrepreneurship.
  • The promotion of the benefits of volunteering and the effort of consolidation in everyday life.
  • The provision of means for personal fulfillment of Youth and the pursuit of the development of technical and professional standards to their advantage.
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