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Τίτλος : «Digital Youth Work»

Τόπος : Bansko, Bulgaria

Ημερομηνίες : 5-11 Νοεμβρίου 2022

Συμμετέχοντες : 2 άτομα 18 – 35 ετών

Καλύπτεται το 100% των εξόδων μετακίνησης έως 130 ευρώ και το 100% διαμονής και διατροφής.

Συμμετοχή : 40 € (εφόσον επιλεγείτε)

Δηλώσεις συμμετοχής έως τη ΚΥΡΙΑΚΗ 9 ΟΚΤΩΒΡΙΟΥ



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The training course Digital youth work will focus on understanding the digital youth work, digital education and online activism for NGOs concept and elements, presenting innovative tools that can be applied in daily youth work, sharing good practices from across Europe, boosting the skills and competences of the youth workers for using digital technologies for better and more quality volunteer management, online activism, online communication and for reaching out more young people, even from marginalized communities.
The overall aim of the project is to provide youth workers and NGOs with the adequate and up to date measures knowledge, skills, competences and experience in digital youth work in order to engage more effectively young people, even those who are marginalized.
Project objectives:
-to provide deeper understanding of the concept of digital youth work
-to provide practical tools and increase the digital skills and knowledge for better volunteer management, online activism and online communication
-to strengthen the potential and capacity of the NGOs to better correspond to the nowadays needs of the young people by integrating technology and digital tools into everyday youth work.

By implementing the project we expect to raise awareness among NGOs and youth workers about the importance of digital tools to reach out more youth in an easier, youth friendly and smarter way, which will also make youth work more efficient. The participants will be introduced to good practices of digital tools to help their daily work with youth-for volunteer management, communication with team members and volunteers, digital tools to online activism, for project management. By introducing the concept of digital youth work, good practices in the field, concrete digital tools as well as knowledge and information about digitalization we expect to invest in the capacity of the youth workers thus the NGOs involved which will reflect in the quality of the youth services they offer. By acquiring the knowledge, skills and competences in digital youth work, online activism and digital tools, the youth workers will become more efficient in their every day work with young people, will easily communicate, will be able to reach out more youth trough online tools, will become better in online activism. Moreover, this project can give an impulse for the NGOs involved to start transformation their youth services, to become more efficient and able to answer the needs of the modern youth accordingly.

Participating Countries: Italy, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Latvia, Estonia, Greece, Romania, N Macedonia, Turkey, Serbia, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Norway, Bulgaria

Venue: Royal Bansko Aparthotel

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