Date: 20.06.2016 - 01.07.2016
Venue: Greece
Project Partners: Youthfully Yours Gr (Greece), Center of Education and Civic Entrepreneurship Foundation (Poland)

Project Description

The project  "Cuisine of Europe Regions - education in modern work techniques as a chance for the development of local gastronomy" was a response to a very great interest of students from Agricultural Training Centre School placed in  Jabłoń, Poland in developing their professional skills abroad. The mobility was realized in the dates of 19.06.2016 - 02.07.2016 (including travel days) in Greece, with the cooperation of Polish partner - Center of Education and Civic Entrepreneurship Foundation.

The aim of the project was supporting students in developing their professional skills and qualifications in the profession of nutrition technician.  Furthermore, the objective was to help them in acquiring competences concerning professional foreign language, methodology and work organization, knowledge connected with technical equipment and its service, and the use of new trends in gastronomy. Project was also aimed at solving  occurring in the region problem of unemployment, social exclusion and environmental protection.

Students were realizing the internship in accordance with the complimentary professional practice. Vocational trainings were organized in cooperation with a partner from Poland. Participants of the project in majority originated from rural areas, from the families running farms and were qualified as young people with fewer opportunities, who are exposed to social exclusion. Participation in the project enabled the students to shape the attitudes of openness and gaining new experience.

The schedule of the training and its dates were agreed in a way to constitute a basis for professional competences required for the external professional exam verifying students professional qualifications.

Organization of the project resulted in achieving the following results:

  • acquiring by the participants new skills and gaining new professional experience in new environment by the means of individual service of particular technical equipment in the conditions different than those they were exposed to when being at school;
  • acquiring knowledge concerning particular national and regional cuisines;
  • developing language competences, especially those connected with professional vocabulary in English language, required for understanding the tasks given by internship mentors and raising language competences in terms of everyday communication in English language and basic terms in partner language (Greek), which influences overcoming language barriers;
  • acquiring knowledge concerning company management - verification of psychophysical features required for company management and their comparison with personality features;
  • developing specific attitudes required for work execution in accordance with European standards, including the need for mobility in terms of communication but also undertaking initiative during work (e.g. during meals preparation, bar service etc.), organizing free time, using local means of transportation or financial management;
  • acquiring knowledge concerning culture in partner country, shaping the attitude of European identity, openness, tolerance and respect towards minorities by familiarizing with history, culture, and living conditions in partner country;
  • enhancing the quality of education, attractiveness of professional education and the position of school on the educational market;
  • increasing the motivation to learn and promoting proper attitudes among students.

Participation in international program constitutes a tool for self-esteem improvement among students and enhancing their employability chances on the national labor market and abroad.


Mobilność w ramach projektu „Staże zagraniczne dla uczniów i absolwentów szkół zawodowych oraz mobilność kadry kształcenia zawodowego” realizowanego ze środków PO WER na zasadach programu Erasmus+ sektor Kształcenie i szkolenia zawodowe

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