Project: Europe, Development, Mechatronics (Europa, Rozwój, Mechatronika) under Erasmus Plus Programme Vocational Education and Training 
Venue: Greece
Partners: Youthfully Yours GR (GREECE, Europejska Fundacja Edukacji i Rozwoju (POLAND)
The main goal of this Vocational Education and Training project was to support self-development process of the participants and give them a chance to improve their work related skills, foster increase of entrepreneurial attitudes, creativity and mobility on the labour market.

Internships at foreign companies had a goal of providing indispensible work experience to the participants improving their chances on local and European labor market. Experience resulting from working in international environment, getting to know with good practices in other countries and acquiring knowledge about different cultures can be observed in increase of soft skills, social competences, language abilities and general development of participants.

The group were divided as follows: 

14.09 – 27.09.2016 30 students

15.11 – 28.11.2016 17 students

24.04 – 07.05.2017 29 students 

The criteria for selecting beneficiaries of the program was: academic progress, results in vocational education, foreign language skills, activity in school and after-school activities, behaviour, personal culture, group work skills and communicativeness. 

Students had guaranteed transport, local travel, insurance, accommodation, meals and full pedagogical care, teachers o as well as tutors of apprenticeships in Greece. 


Activities/tasks carried out

  •  Familiarizing with the tasks assigned to the job. Initial practical training on mounting boards with a focus on vocabulary in English.
  • Assembly and disassembly work with pneumatic valves, ow rate control. 
  • Construction of the various pneumatic circuits by means of computer programs. 
  • Practical mounting systems for mounting boards according to previously prepared pneumatic systems for computer programs. 
  • Troubleshooting simulated by the instructor lecturer. 
  • Construction of electrocircuits on the boards assembly for direct control actuator.
  • Discussion of the principles of construction and installation of hydraulic and electro-hydraulic system components – initial practical training on mounting boards.
  • Practical knowledge of hydraulics - work on models.
  • Installation of the hydraulic control systems.
  • The function of (conjunction, alternative negation) technique electrical, electronic, mechanical, pneumatic. 
  • Learning digital control, the combination, the binary sequence control. Practical use of ip-ops mechanical, pneumatic, electrical, electronic.
  • Learning to program controllers and manufacturing robots.

Job-related skills and competences acquired

  • Getting familiar with the species of the profession, opportunities of development and organization of work in a foreign company. 
  • The increase in technical skill, assembly, disassembly, construction of various systems using computer programs. 
  • Learning new systems and techniques when using functions. Getting to know the drivers and latches sequential programming. 
  • Acquainted with the production line and using practical pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, hydraulic, and control tape production. 
  • The ability to react to mistakes, prevention and repair.
  • Ability to work in an international team.

Language skills and competences acquired 

  • Obtaining ease in the use of the English language 
  • Getting to know and practice vocabulary industry.
  • Learning the technical terminology in English.


Participation in the project is a good opportunity for students to deepen their knowledge, skills and professional qualifications as well as to increase their employability on the domestic and European labor market. 

Moreover, the completion of foreign internships by school students is confirmed by Europass-Mobility certificates, thanks to which their acquired skills and professional qualifications are recognized by European employers. Nowadays, knowledge of foreign languages is necessary for many professions. Foreign internships, therefore, are also an excellent, practical lesson in learning English.



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