Technician School No. 1  in Kłobuck (Zespół Szkół nr 1 im. Jana Kilińskiego w Kłobucku) and Technician School in Rawa Mazowiecka (Zespół Szkół – Centrum Edukacji Zawodowej I Ustawicznej im. Mikołaja Kopernika w Rawie Mazowieckiej)  implemented project from European Union funds in cooperation with the European Mobility Center Association.

This time as part of the Operational Program Knowledge Education Development (PO WER) with the support of the European Social Fund. The basic objective of the project is to expand personal and professional development of trainees, increase in entrepreneurship, creativity and development of professional competences.



The project "Hoteliers and restaurateurs - future competitions. The good practices of Greek hoteliers and restaurateurs as an opportunity for the development of the industry "was implemented in Greece in the town of Paralia Panteleimonos located in the Olympic Riviera.

Apprenticeships were held from 12 to 23 March 2018 for 28 students educating in the profession of nutrition technician and catering services and 23 students educating in the profession of hoteliers technician.

Practitioners could confront the acquired knowledge and skills with a new reality. They gained professional experience, deepened their language skills, and acquired new ones by participating in a language course.

Project participants do not bear any financial costs related to participation in the project. Travel, accommodation, food, insurance, preparation for participation in the project is covered with EU funds.

The hotel and catering market often requires mobility from employees - for example, network hotels operate in many countries, often people working in the industry leave work abroad. That is why the 2 weeks spent in Greece provided the participants with irreplaceable experience - at the start, after finishing their education in Poland, they will be able to show their professional practice, ability to work in an international environment, knowledge of good practices in other countries.

Going abroad is not just an apprenticeship. The program included learning about tourist attractions, culture, history, different customs and traditions of the Greek people. The students visited not only the closest area (Platamonas Castle, Paleos Panteleimonas), but also the Meteora monasteries situated on the rocks. They also had the opportunity to visit the olive and feta cheese factory.

The Youthfully Yours GR provided students with very good conditions of stay and professional organization of apprenticeships. The students had at their disposal high standard rooms, didactic and recreation and sports facilities.

The internships have been confirmed by the issued Europass - Mobility certificates and host organization certificates, thanks to which the skills and qualifications acquired by the students will be formally recognized. At the end of the school year there was a ceremonial summary of the project. The meeting was full of honorary guests - representatives of the municipality and representatives of enterprises from the industry.

Knowledge, skills and competences acquired:

- familiarization with the standards applicable on the European labor market,

- gaining professional experience and new skills in the field of education,

- the ability to adapt to living and working conditions in other European countries,

- increasing the employability and career prospects and reducing the risk of social exclusion due to lack of work in the future,

- increasing the mobility of future graduates in the European labor market,

- increase of knowledge about other cultures, development of an attitude of openness, tolerance and understanding for representatives of other cultures,

- development of language competences, in particular those related to the performance of a given profession,

- development of interpersonal skills, coping with stress, group work, conflict resolution,

- increasing awareness of the benefits of learning foreign languages ​​and out-of-school education,

- increasing openness and mobility,

- raising awareness of the need for further education,

- improvement of intercultural, professional and entrepreneurial competences.


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