Let Peace a Chance is a youth Exchange (Action 1.1) that focus on Peace Building and Conflict Transformation&Resolution. It is dedicated to the improvement of the participants skills and abilities in conflict management and the use of non-violent methods. It will provide participants with appropriate knowledge and practical experiences for the implementation of own project targeting young people on local, national or international level.

Objectives of the youth Exchange

•To identify effective methods for and with young people to prevent and/or transform conflict through fostering their own creativity and participation; •To exchange best practices in relation to youth work and conflict, inter-religious and -cultural dialogue; •To help participants reflect on the competence needed for using different tools to develop inter-religious and intercultural dialogue; •To raise awareness of risk factors under which conflicts tend to arise in multicultural and multicultural settings; •To relate the topic of conflict to the larger framework of Human Rights; •To facilitate networking between participants;

Venue: Big Apple Hostel, Istanbul, Turkey

Participating Countries: Greece, United Kingdom, Malta, Italy, Poland, Romania, Turkey


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