What is Happy Thoughts Action

“Happy Thoughts” is an action turning into wave, aiming to remind people the really important stuff in life, inspiring them and spreading happiness.

How the action started

On October 2013, a group of friends took a small step in spreading positive energy and optimism to passengers-by the city centre of Thessaloniki. Watching people getting demotivated, influenced by the economical crisis and too-much immersed on their problems, they decided to encourage them see the whole picture again by inspiring them with little Happy Thoughts.¬ The friends were volunteers of Youthfully Yours Gr. They organized themselves and they filled the streets of Thessaloniki with Happy Thoughts along with their lust for life. The action turned into wave, taking place again in Athens a few months later.


How to repeat the action in your city

If you like to repeat the action in your city, follow these steps.

Step1 : Contact to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to tell us your city name. We will check our action calendar and let you know as soon as possible the available dates.

Step2 : Then we send you 1.000 Happy Thoughts with all the details for the action day.

Step3 : Set a meeting point downtown with your team (3 to 6 volunteers) and get ready to share Happy Thoughts to passers-by.

Why to repeat the action

Happy Thoughts Action aims to bring happiness and positiveness to passers-by through little joyful messages that volunteers share. In addition, passers-by have the opportunity to learn about Greek NGO Youthfully Yours and its actions to youth in local, national and international level.

Also it’s a chance to promote your own NGO or team adding your moto in the action. For example, the Slovenian team created small boxes with their logo and they put happy thoughts inside those little boxes.

Any ideas are welcome!

How often and Where is possible to repeat the action

Happy Thoughts Action is possible to be held once in three months in a different city either in Greece or abroad.

How to participate as a volunteer

If you like to participate as a volunteer, you should contact to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell us your city name. Then we let you know about future actions in your city. Our NGO gives Certificate of Participation to all volunteers.

Past Actions


Thessaloniki, Greece


Volos, Greece


Athens, Greece


Serres, Greece


Bucharest, Romania


Ljubljana, Slovenia


Yerevan, Armenia


Nicosia, Cyprus


Ioannina, Greece


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Volunteers Comments

Tatev Gevorgyan, co-founder of Armenian Youth League

Try to speak with strangers suggesting them Happy Thoughts! seems so easy until you do. But once you do you like the process. Smiles, happiness, warm wishes, joyful moments ...it appeared possible and quite easy to spread deal of Happiness. Special thanks to the team of "Youthfully Yours" for the idea and for sharing it with our team.

Vicky Antoniou, volunteer of Youthfully Yours GR

It was an amazing experience! I gave and recieved soo much positive energy!

George Rothides, volunteer of Cyprian NGO, PlanB Plan it Be it

I enjoyed every sec of it!! A lot positive correspondence rather than negative and I would like to repeat it when the weather is better, maybe in summer.

Izabella Tovmasyan, founder of Armenian Youth League

“Actually we were so excited that decided to do the event for 2 days and during these days we included nearly all places of Yerevan. If we don't have positive feelings we would only satisfy doing it in one place. And during it one idea also we had to do the same action in our second country in summer!”




Happy Thoughts got their own Page in order to spread the idea in a wider audience. Invite other NGOs or Youth Groups, invite your friends, your family, everyone you believe would need or like to receive or share a happy thought!! Feed us with new Happy Thoughts, and ask us for material so as to repeat the Action in your hometown!!!

Download the poster, choose a bookmark and give onother one to your friend. Make a wave, spread pleasure jolts.


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